Belly Dance, Kizomba and More lessons available for those who wants
 to get fit, have fun!
Taking time away from work to refresh our minds, bodies,
and souls is a critical practice to support us in being most
effective and productive at all we do. 
Hi Roxy. Congratulations for your brand new Dance Studio! It is fantastic, very professional and inviting. The Grand Opening was a success! A big crowd, everybody participated in one way or another. The lessons were energetic and fun. People started to dance as soon as DJ Frank put the music. The open bar was a great touch. Thank you for the enjoyable evening. I will mention to my friends what they missed. I wish you all the best.
- by  Hilda Castaneda
I think you are a great teacher! Your passion and dedication and your love for dance shines through with every lesson and every dance move you give. I am very new at this, I have danced as a child but not as an adult, and you have never made me feel incompetent or intimidated. I have been enjoying myself very much and I look forward to many more dance lessons together. Thank you, Eva De Nino.
- by  Eva
!Learn to dance, or the angels would not know what to do with you! Augustine. I am glad that angels will know what to do with me, because I am learning to dance and I have a wonderful teacher for that J :)
- by  Rasa T.
Roxy I enjoyed your Belly Dance classes very much . You do equally well in both tribal dance and classic oriental dance instructions. I was very inclined in tribal before started learning from you the classic dance routine and found them not less enjoyable for me than tribal .
- by  Natalia O.
Something not so ordinary, that brings a lot of fun!!
- by  Zakhira
Fantastic way to unwind and get away from everyday stress!
- by  Barbara R.
Great way to spend time! I loved the atmosphere, teacher is fantastic, lots of interesting choreography
- by  Nelly E.
Professional teacher knows how to be inclusive with all her students!
- by  Anastassia
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