Belly Dance, Kizomba and More lessons available for those who wants
 to get fit, have fun!
Taking time away from work to refresh our minds, bodies,
and souls is a critical practice to support us in being most
effective and productive at all we do. 
Belly Dance and Latin cardio Instructors

   Roxy started studying dancing at the early age of 6. While starting with ballet, she has exposed herself to other dance forms such as Traditional dance , Ballroom, Argentine Tango, Rock & Roll, Flamenco, Salsa and Belly dance, which has become her passion. The study of the various dances enables her to apply techniques learned from different dances into perfecting her classical Belly dancing as well as Tribal Fusion.
Roxy- Kizomba, Tarraxinha, Semba Instructor.
Certified Kizomba, Tarraxinha and Semba
Instructor by the World Best Angolan Kizomba & Semba Dance Schools in
Lisbon & Porto Portugal.
Taught by the best, most famous Angolan Instructors in the World, Roxy brings the authenticity and the originality of the Angolan dance to North America. She has been in Lisbon, Porto Portugal most of the last 2 years attending professional courses, workshops, private classes, festivals with the most well-known and internationally recognized Angolan and European teachers and was granted her Kizomba and Semba Teaching Licenses from the most well-known and Internationally Respected Angolan/Portuguese Dance Schools worldwide.
“The journey of learning this dance never ends. The day I stop going back to my Master Instructors for more knowledge and training will be my last day as the teacher." Roxy says.

Roxy started dancing at the age of 6. Her knowledge and experience in various dances enable her to enhance teaching skills delivering priceless tips to her students to improve their dancing technique in a relaxing and fun environment. She is very strict and honest in developing dancing skills of her students. The dynamics in the class between the instructor and her students is a must see to believe.
Dasha began her dance journey at a young age. Her love forzumba instructor dance evolved into a passion to perform 
and shine. Trained in ballet, Latin, hip hop and acro, she began to indulge herself in other styles such as belly dance and Zumba by blasting the music in her room and dancing in front of the mirror. To this day, she continues to take home victories from dance competitions all over Ontario. Dasha is Zumba and Latin dancer who  encourages others to try this new style of fitness. Solely for leisure and toning the body, these dance styles don't have specific 'rules'. Zumba mixes Latin and hip hop rhythms which are high paced calorie-burning workouts which can easily substitute your boring gym routine.


Frank Bishun (Salsa/Cha Cha/ Merengue Instructor)

 From his first audition over 25 years ago for a part in a Broadway      musical, which he subsequently had to decline in order to pursue studies in Nutrition and Social Studies, Frank has since dedicated his life to dance. With a diverse background in dance styles, which include Tap, Modern Jazz, Hip Hop and Social and Latin Ballroom, Frank also incorporates martial arts into his repertoire and articulates his love for dance and music through expressive body movement rather than through precise patterns. With certifications in early childhood education and the Ontario Coaching Theory 1,2&3, this highly spiritual instructor who thrives on contributing time to helping others, will ensure that individuals lose their inhibitions and dance from their hearts. If he catches you on his dance floor you�ll be sure to hear: " Experience the music, the movement, the passion...feel the heat of the Latin Beat!"


Lucky Sipin ( Bachata / Salsa Instructor)

In 2000, Lucky discovered Salsa. After parting ways with Soul2Sole in 2003, he re-invented himself through self-studying the art of mambo for styles and turn patterns. He continued his martial arts training and then adapted to the fast footwork of the very talented Manuel Dos Santos. Lucky has been dancing professionally since 2004. He was able to quickly establish himself and add a unique flavour to the dance of salsa. His dancing is smooth and effortless. His great interpretation of the music is apparent in his shines and styling.  He is an avid fan of West Coast Swing and Cha Cha. Lucky is also the founder of 2STYLLE dance. Bachata has been his passion since 2005 and running workshops since 2008. He has since found his path in this art and is the Innovator and the pioneer of BachaSutra which emphasizes on a couple's sensual connection through dancing to Bachata Music.

Deviekha Chetram (Bollywood / Kathak ) Owner / Artistic Director of Tarana Dance Centre has 
over 30 years experience teaching Bollywood and Classical Indian dance (Kathak).She has
 produced many successful shows here in Canada and the US. She served as a Board of 
Director for Markham Arts Council.

RobertoRoberto Garcia (Argentine Tango).
Roberto grew up in South America and was surrounded by tango music in his parents house.
 As a teenager Roberto was selected to be part of a Latin music dancing group travelling in the United States to promote culture, dances and folklore from South America.
He moved to live in Canada, where he continued listening to tango and taking classes.  Since then, tango has become a very important part of his life.
 He went to Buenos Aires several times to immerse himself in tango culture and to take intensive workshops in well-established tango schools and private classes with the best tango teachers.
 Roberto transfers his knowledge with the sole purpose to promote tango as a dance that helps to maintain ourselves mentally and physically fit.
For the last three years Elena is Roberto's tango partner contributing to his dance and teaching technique.

Valentin Danci is known by many as the founder of the Brazilian Zouk scene in Toronto. His love for Zouk has a deep artistic background, which started in his youth with 14 years of education in Classical Music. Valentin discovered the world of social dance styles when he started taking Salsa, Bachata, Cha-Cha-Cha, Ballroom and Argentine Tango lessons in 2006. 
His passion for Zouk-Lambada started as a love-at-first-sight in 2007, when he saw it danced in the legendary club "Cantinero" in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He started promoting Brazilian Zouk intensively in Toronto, and to support anybody interested in developing Zouk. 
Since May 2010 he started intensive lessons from the excellent international Zouk instructors at many countries: Porto Seguro + Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Berlin (Germany), New York City (US), Montreal + Toronto (Canada), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Prague (Czech Republic), Helsinki (Finland) etc. 
After years of extensive training Valentin started to teach Rio-style Zouk in Toronto. His attention for technical details and his structured lessons are dedicated to always teaching the students something really useful for their social dance, while aiming that every student makes a real progress in each lesson. Valentin's work ensure that the artistic beauty, the authenticity and complexity of the Brazilian Zouk will always be
 the guiding values of Toronto Zouk's lessons, performances and events. 

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